Marissa Soroudi

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In my most recent work I employ sculpture as my medium to establish the connection between the human spirit and natural materials such as sand, water and trees. I fill my studio with different plants and branches for inspiration. During the course of this immersion into nature’s materials I explore themes of women and beauty in contemporary life.

My desire to more deeply communicate the dissolution of boundaries between living beings and the environment inspired my most recent series of glass figures. I was awarded a studio and funding for a year and half which I used to research and develop an innovative process to blow glass into the female form.

Glass was my new material of choice because it shows impermanence; as a transparent material made of sand, glass is timeless yet capable of containing spirit. As a result, my glass figures combine timeless physicality and spirituality in form. I took them to the beach and photographed their interaction with the sand, water, and ocean waves. This extended my epiphany: the ocean consists of diverse components such as algae, seaweed and waves, but is all one expression, one creation.