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Architectural Allusions in Sculpture

Snelson "Wiggins Fork"

Architectural Allusions is an international group exhibition of new commissions, long-term loans, and permanent collection works that explores the presence of architecture in contemporary sculpture. Continue reading

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Tape Recorders

Rows of motorised measuring tapes record the amount of time that visitors stay in the installation. As a computerised tracking system detects the presence of a person, the closest measuring tape starts to project upwards. When the tape reaches around … Continue reading

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Leo Villareal’s ‘BUCKYBALL’ Brings Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Dome To Madison Square Park

Through basic elements such as pixels and binary codes, Villareal allows for a better understanding of the underlying structures and systems that govern everyday function. As he builds these simple elements into a full-scale sculptural installation that moves, changes, and … Continue reading

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Double Helix in Public Spaces

If DNA had been a less aesthetically pleasing, more boring looking molecule, would we have made such a big fuss over it? Here is a wonderful survey of images at Biology in Culture.

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