Events produced by the Engine Institute operate at the intersection of art, science and technology. To date we have produced and toured a number of performances with the Providence Ballet Theatre, commissioned original music and created events by musicians including the award winning composer Lance Massey the creator of the T-Mobile ring tone.

CassinisDreamsCDBabyV3Focusing on the sounds of Saturn’s rings, with the help of a NASA/RI Space Grant we produced “Cassini’s Dreams” an album that enables us experience what the space ship Cassini heard while traveling through Saturn’s rings.




This project also resulted “Listening to Saturn’s Rings” a laser converting a true-to-life 3D print of Saturn’s rings into sound.
Exhibited at Northeast Planetary Data Center, Brown University.


The “Firefly Festival” was established based on the need to highlight the impact climate change has had on the life of our quiet luminator the New England firefly. Now-a-days, “Where have all of the fireflies gone” is a commonly heard despair here in RI. The loss of fireflies in our communities is primarily based on the increased light pollution from urban environments.   Through encouraging awareness of their fragile ecology the audiences’ knowledge of and appreciation for performance art, sculpture and science has been increased while having fun.

The Engine Institute commissioned the music from the award winning composer Lance Massey and produced this wonderful performance with the Providence Ballet Theatre at the Pawtucket Arts Festival.

The Firefly Festival at AS220’s Foo Fest (2013)included a dance performance, 3D illustration and a hands-on workshop on how to build your own electronic firefly.

There neuroscientist, Dr. Seth Horowitz and the Rhode Island Space Grant, showed how a 3D printer works and how it is a great new tool for scientific research and visualization. People saw first hand how to print everything from asteroids to fireflies.

“The Dance of the Fireflies” performed at the John Brown House Museum by the Providence Ballet Theatre with the public art installation “The Firefly Grove” that featured LEDs blinking like fireflies.

The “Dance of the Fireflies” (2013) presented by The Engine Institute, was performed at Providence’s City Hall by the Providence Ballet Theatre and Youth Ballet Company. The “Firefly 2.0” and “Firefly Capes” were designed by China Blue.