Committed to researching new concepts The Engine Institute, Inc., fosters innovations to benefit society and culture.  By advancing our programs The Engine helps nascent ventures grow and by working to increase awareness of the intersection of the arts, technology and sciences Entanglement magazine covers how this is a catalyst that is impacting society not only today but in our near future.

The Engine Institute’s programs operate along three sectors: Community Support, Education and Public Awareness.

Community Support:

  • Coordinating with state and federal programs and individuals to expand the role of STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Art and Math) in education and outreach as Adviser in Congressman Langevin’s Art and Culture committee and Rhode Island State’s Art and Health Committee
  • Publicly accessible library of sound walks and acoustical events coming in 2019


  • Running workshops on the intersection of science and art and 3D printing for K-12 and faculty and students of higher learning in collaborating with Northeast Planetary Data Center
  • Promoting dialogues and interactions between artists and scientists in workshops, publications and methods of professional advancement
  • Since 2009 The Engine Institute has been collaborating with the Brown University Planetary Data Center to create a physical reference library of 3D printed tactile terrain maps, models of comets and asteroids as well as customized models for research or educational projects and for outreach to educational centers.

Public Awareness

  • Through exhibitions, the Firefly Festival, the Gear Artists program and our online magazine Entanglement The Engine Institute, Inc., works to increase awareness of the cross fertilization of arts, science and technology and how it stimulates innovation.