EU announces Science, Technology and the ARTS

STARTSThe European Union has announced the opening of the new STARTS platform; STARTS stands for Science, Technology and the ARTS. They state that: “By using ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) as their medium of expression, artists are able to prototype solutions, create new products and make new economic, social and business models.”


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Abelardo Morell’s Snow Derived Photographs

Morell "Vertical Landscape" Bowdoin CollegeWeb

Morell “Vertical Landscape” Bowdoin College

Abelardo Morell’s photographs of snow are not what you would expect. Laced together from multiple negatives Morell captures textures from close up, panoramas and negative cliché verre prints into large-scale photographs.
Author Cate McQuaid says: “Morell depicts winter as rugged, encompassing, and ethereal.
For “A Mind of Winter,” one of the most challenging photographs to make was “Panorama of Winter Woods — Black & White Negatives.” When the temperature was 10 degrees and “We were out there for two or three hours,” Morell says. “We’d have to bring the camera into the car and warm it up.” Continue reading

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Guang Zhu: An Aquarium of Equations

Zhu, "One Music Note"

Zhu, “One Music Note”

An Aquarium of Equations is an exhibition about the poetry of parametric equations, in the form of prints and computational visualizations. In this body of work the artist finds poetry by weaving together high tech equation based visualizations and laser-cutting technology with traditional hand printed wood block prints and old styled televisions.

Continue reading

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Benchamma: Representation of Dark Matter

Abdelkader Benchamma, "Representation of Dark Matter"

Abdelkader Benchamma, “Representation of Dark Matter,” 2015, Mixed media, Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde, Dubai and galerie du jour agnes b., Paris. (Installation photo by Jose Andres Ramirez.)

Each year an artist is invited to create a wall drawing in the gallery’s main entryway and stairwell for the Drawing Center. The Center has continued this initiative in April 2015 with a commission by contemporary artist Abdelkader Benchamma (b. 1975, Mazamet, France).

For his first U.S. museum presentation, Abdelkader Benchamma created an astronomical vortex in the strikingly graphic large-scale drawing, Representation of Dark Matter, 2015. Comprised of a series of linear abstractions and nebulous, inkblot forms the work is a highly articulated depiction of the complexity of the solar system and its nearly Continue reading

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Composer Ken Ueno Interviewed by Seth Cluett

Composer Ken Ueno, Professor of Music at UC Berkeley, recently received a commission to compose “Four Contemplations,” a piece for eleven string players and an extended vocalist, in commemoration of RISD Museum’s restored Dainichi Buddha.

In light of this new work his colleague, Professor Seth Cluett thought that this would be a good time to discuss with Professor Ken Ueno the details of his new piece and the range of his work. Below is the discussion between two composers that leads to fascinating insights into contemporary composing. Continue reading

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Ken Ueno: Four Contemplations

Asian; Japanese, Dainichi Nyorai Buddha, ca. 1150. Museum Appropriation Fund.

Asian; Japanese, Dainichi Nyorai Buddha, ca. 1150. Museum Appropriation Fund.

Community MusicWorks has commissioned composer Ken Ueno to create a site-specific work for the Community MusicWorks Players at the RISD Museum inspired by the Museum’s Dainichi Buddha. Encompassing live performances by Ueno and Community MusicWorks Players, the project will engage diverse urban communities in contemporary music and ancient Asian art. Continue reading

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Robert Curcio: Director, Curator and Art Adviser an Interview

Robert Curcio

Robert Curcio of Curcio Projects

Robert, Thank you for taking the time to do an interview with Entanglement.

Some have called him a Renaissance man because over the past 24 years he has developed a broad range of activities. He does art tours, assist artists and are a consultant for art fairs and organizing exhibitions. He curates, write essays, oversee public relations activities, and can be an adviser on starting galleries, coordinate event management, research and locate pieces for collectors and commissions. Continue reading

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The Flavor Genome by Anicka Yi

Cruisin for a Brusin by Anicka Yi

Cruisin’ for a Brusin by Anicka Yi

Departing from the ambiguity between the significations of taste as a sense and taste as aesthetic discernment, Anicka Yi’s work for the MIT List Visual Arts Center foregrounds her ongoing project The Flavor Genome. The artist’s sculptural installation examines how “flavors”—visual, olfactory, gustatory, auditory—can form sense memories and spur longing, though their cultural and economic value is subject to global consumerism and a politics of taste. Continue reading

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[KE] 3 by Zimoun

Zimoun, Installation View

Zimoun, Installation View

[KE] 3 is a series of three collaborative solo exhibitions in New York that feature kinetic
sculpture by Swiss installation artist Zimoun.

With an extreme sensitivity to location and rhythmic potential, Zimoun produces works that evoke control, humor, absence, and nature. Highly ordered systems of movement are derived from simple and low-tech means. His projects can easily be compared with mathematical formulas or a science experiment, as he demploys wit and a keen observation of space and sound. In this spirit, [KE] 3 is a series of exhibitions that takes artistic license in considering “KE”, a notation found in physics equations that describe kinetic energy. Continue reading

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Atmosphere in White by Artist Nicola L.

Atmosphere In White-Liverpool

Atmosphere In White-by Nicola L.

Nicola L’s Atmosphere in White is an exhibition which spans five decades of functional objects and furniture, and conceptual sculptures by the artist. This version of Atmosphere in White is a re-installation of the work presented at Liverpool’s Biennale in 2014 and curated by Anthony Huberman. Gary Indiana, critic and writer, observes that, “Nicola lives in a human universe, a world constructed by humans, and her work reclaims this humanity by reminding us at every point that our constructions emanate from within the envelope of flesh we inhabit.” Continue reading

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