Felix Luque Sanchez

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Objects are gently outlined so that one can still make out thick woodland and rocky areas. Yet, the black-and-white image is dimly lit at its core and one is left but imagining what cannot be actually seen and could possibly lurk in the darkness. On the other, a sand rock, which was scanned and reproduced in full detail – with the exception of its colour and weight, floats on top of powerful electromagnets within a structure that shifts horizontally. The noise caused by the magnetic field is enhanced to create a sound environment that wraps both art works in an almost meditative ambience. The installation forms in this way a coherent unit: sand rock and landscape – slowly shifting together and coming through as hyper-realist as well as clearly artificial – are two aspects of the same investigation on memory and space, on perception of reality and on the human capacity of generating fiction, either by means of a simple child’s game or of a complex technological process. text by Pau Waelder