Christopher Konopka

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In addition he has worked on several music therapy projects, one of which, “wiiDrum”, was sample-based wiiMote drumset for visually-impaired students. Since Berklee Christopher has worked on several pieces of commercial software such as CsSpectral for iOS, Muse by BT & Boulanger Labs and the soon to be released web-based music application Pickasound. Outside of commercial software, Christopher works with a think tank out of Rhode Island called Neuropop where he develops hardware & software for neurological research. In his free time he has been developing a collection of models called ‘arduivis’ which using serial communication to connect a microcontroller to a programming language such as MaxMSP, Pure Data, Python or Javascript. This work was recently featured on the Create Digital Music blog for demonstrating new ways to interconnectivity. Lately, Christopher has been experimenting with various forms of video synthesis and trying to find new ways to manipulate video using hardware/software solutions.