Second Annual Firefly Festival

Save the date, August 11, 1PM to 1AM
at AS220′s FooFest
95-115 Empire St Complex & Block, Providence, RI

Firefly 2.0, by China Blue

The loss of fireflies in our communities is primarily based on the increased light pollution from urban environments.  Now-a-days, “Where have all of the fireflies gone” is a commonly heard despair here in RI.

The Firefly Festival is an exciting event that brings people together to participate in the Dark Sky Initiative and celebrate our fleeting firefly.  The Firefly Festival includes a dance performance, 3D illustration and a hands-on workshop on how to build your own electronic firefly.  Through encouraging awareness of our fragile ecology the audiences’ knowledge of and appreciation for performance art, sculpture and science will be increased while having fun.

Make-Your-Own Firefly Workshop

This exciting workshop open to all ages will teach people how to make a firefly throwie and then see them fly!

Hands on Science

Neuroscientist, Dr. Seth Horowitz and the Rhode Island Space Grant,  will show how a 3D printer works and how it is a great new tool for scientific research and visualization.  You will see first hand it printing everything from asteroids to fireflies.

Dance Performance

An exciting and free performance by the Providence Ballet Theatre will be presented.  The dancers will wear gossamer flowing capes flickering with LEDs designed by China Blue to mimic our local firefly flashing pattern.  Additionally dancers will carry a hand held electronic sculpture: Firefly 2.0 (pictured above).  The dancers dressed in the Firefly Capes will lead those with the Firefly 2.0 to the center of the performance area and will swirl and dance to the Firefly Chorus.


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Some of the great raffle items are:

Providence Bruins Tickets to see the Providence Bruins

NeuroPopRealSleep a unique music CD with applied neurosensory algorithms to help you with a natural, easy, restful, and refreshing sleep.

 A copy of UnderVoices the music of the Eiffel Tower by China Blue and other exciting items.


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