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Entanglement MagazineEntanglement magazine increases awareness of developments at the intersection of the arts, technology and sciences and how this catalyst impacts society not only today but our near future.

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9 Artists Who Are Scientific Innovators—from Leonardo da Vinci to Samuel Morse

9 Artists Who Are Scientific Innovators—from Leonardo da Vinci to Samuel Morse

In this article Rachel Lebowitz, makes a strong debate for historical artists who are also scientific innovators. This article details the contributions of these well known contributors to these two worlds.


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When science meets art

“Where Science Meets Art”

“THE GREATEST SCIENTISTS are artists as well,” said Albert Einstein.

“For as long as artistic expression has existed, it has benefited from interplay with scientific principles – be it experimentation with new materials or the discovery of techniques to render different perspectives. Likewise, art has long contributed to the work and communication of science.”

This piece is a nice summation of the contemporary focus of artists working with science. Here are four that make art scientific fascinating.


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Miami New Media Festival

miami new media festival

The Miami New Media Festival is a public art platform, which aims to promote video, film, and performance, among a broad audience. MNMF was founded in Miami Florida in 2006, and happen every year during Fall season. With various art activities such as video screenings, video mapping, audio-visual live performances, workshops, exhibitions, and lectures, MNMF offers a new possibility of public art.

This festival encourages public participation of artists’ 15 years old and older, with no nationality or residency restrictions. The MNMF is open to all audiences, artists, art students, scholars, academic institutions, curators, collectors, institutions and companies, as well as all members of the community.

Open from October-December 2019

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The Duo Semiconductor Turns Subatomic Data Into a Sculpture for Art Basel

Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt of Semiconductor. Courtesy of the artist and Audemars Piguet.

Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt of Semiconductor. Courtesy of the artists and Audemars Piguet.

The inspiration for this work was the wonderful chiming watches that they discovered while touring the Swiss watch factory Audemars Piguet, commissioners of the project. This experience made them to realized that they could make a “big chiming time sculpture.”
Their site-specific work titled HALO, is in the form of a 13-foot tall and 33-foot-wide cylinder that converts subatomic data into a visual and aural work producing an acoustic manifestation of particles colliding.

Read more about the team and their fascinating work here.

Art Basel
June 13–17

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Altered States

“Altered States” an exploration of the substances in society through science and art


The Kunstpalais presents in Erlangen (Germany), an international group exhibition called “Altered States. Substances in Contemporary Art” which features artists who approach the topic of substances in a variety of media.

Artists: Daniel García Andújar, Cassils, Rodney Graham, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Carsten Höller, Joachim Koester, Mary Maggic, Joanna Rajkowska, Thomas Rentmeister, Marten Schech, Jeremy Shaw and Suzanne Trieste.

Read more about this fascinating exhibition about how ‘substances we consume become part of societal meaning.’

Through May 21st.
Kunstpalais Erlangen

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Why Art And Science Are More Closely Related Than You Think

Why is ArtSci

Although this article in Forbes is a few years old Dave Featherstone, Professor of Biology and Neuroscience gets to the point. About scientists and artists, he says “I think the motivations and goals are fundamentally the same.” He points out that science and art change how we perceive our world by changing our truths. Stating Art=Science.



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Brain’s Eyes



“The brain accepts what the eyes see and our eye looks for whatever the brain wants.”

The Brain’s Eyes is a selection of works created by China Blue, during her two-year Artist-in-Residence at the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute at Rhode Island Hospital.

This exhibition is an art-neuroscience exploration of the concept that that there is no place in the human brain that does not respond to visual stimuli. Humans are visual creatures, with our eyes as the Continue reading

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Humann’s “Ascension” at OPEN 20

RH OPEN AscensionRichard Humann’s “Ascension” (addendum) is a fascinating exploration of augmented reality and an introduction of new constellations in Venice’s night sky. This work will be presented at OPEN 20 International Exhibition of Sculpture and Installation opening on Friday, September 1st in Venice, Italy. “Ascension” (addendum) which opened at this year’s Venice Biennale and will be exhibited on the Lido throughout the OPEN 20 show, as well as Giudecca on opening night at the Hilton Molino. Along with many great artists, the exhibition also includes: Yoko Ono, ORLAN, Resi Girardello, and Amin Gulgee. OPEN 20 is held in conjunction with the Venice Film Festival. This new work is curated by Elga Wimmer and sponsored by Membit with Jay Van Buren. OPEN 20 is organized by Arte Communications. Continue reading

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The Nubian Word for Flowers a Phantom Opera

nwf-poster-8-17_origThe Nubian Word for Flowers is a phantom opera based on a deep dream exploration of the Colonial Mind. Here the long and complex history of exploitation of Egyptian and Sudanese cultures by British and European colonialists is symbolized by super star of war and brilliant botanist Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener of Khartoum, often referred to in his time as “K of K”. It was the young surveyor Kitchener who drew the lines delineating the Southern Levant, creating the grid system that continues to be used for mapping Israel and Palestine today. Continue reading

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Claudia Robles-Angel’s Media Art Work

Claudia Robles-Angel is an audiovisual and new media artist born in Bogotá-Colombia, currently living in Cologne-Germany and active worldwide. Her work and research cover different aspects of visual and sound art, which extend from audiovisual fixed-media compositions to performances interacting with bio-data via the usage of interfaces such as, for example, the EEG (electroencephalogram, measuring brain waves activity).

She will be presenting her works in cities ranging from New York, NY to Koeln, Germany and Manizales, Colombia. Continue reading

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