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Marte Roel is a sound artist whose work expands in all grounds of contemporary music, from orchestral to electronic, interactive, sound installations, sound design and film scoring, as well as acoustic research. Although his academic training has been primarily as a musician he has worked with different types of interactive media, including visuals and motion. His works include music for the Mexico City Festival, sound design and music for Simbioptic, and Loki Studios. He has worked extensively as a composer and a producer and is currently designing software for creative purposes and teaching workshops in Max/MSP, Csound, and other programming environments. To learn more about his work go to:

Tania Candiani: Five Variations of Phonic Circumstances and a Pause


A few months ago, I attended the opening of a wonderful exhibition: Tania Candiani’s Cinco Variaciones de Circunstancias Fónicas y Una Pausa (Five Variations of Phonic Circumstances and a Pause). In this show, Candiani exhibits a number of diverse works, … Continue reading

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Contemporary Creators Archive, Mexico City

The art museum Carrillo Gil in Mexico City holds an archive of works by young artists that have had an impact in today’s artistic and cultural scenes, the Archivo Jóvenes Creadores. This archive is an excellent resource for research and … Continue reading

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Superorganisms as a Model for Music

Throughout human history there are examples where nature is the essential inspiration for art. It has been the same for technology. Today, systems are being developed to help us understand nature better, and make use of its faultless ideas for … Continue reading

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