Founding Director & Sr. Editor

China Blue
For over two decades China Blue has initiated numerous international programs designed to harness the strengths of artists and scientists to benefit communities.  During that time she was the corporate liaison for a high-tech NGO to the UN. She has been an invited lecturer and public speaker at venues ranging from Harvard, Yale, MIT and Brown University to independent Maker Fares. She is a member of the College Arts Association, Americans for the Arts, National Association of Professional Women and the College Arts Association.

China Blue is also an adviser to Rhode Island’s Congressman Jim Langevin’s “Art and Culture Committee” and a Steering Committee member for the state of Rhode Island’s “Art & Health Network.”


Board of Directors

Seth Horowitz, PhD, President and Contributing Writer
Mr. Horowitz is the author of “The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind”. With a Masters in Psychology and a Ph.D. from Brown in Human Neuroscience, he has worked as an Assistant Research Professor at Brown University and at Stony Brook University in hearing, balance and sleep research funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, The Deafness Foundation, and NASA. He has taught undergraduate and graduate level classes in animal behavior, neuroethology, brain development, the biology of hearing, and the musical mind.

San San Lee, Vice President
Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Ms. Lee has performed as a violin soloist and chamber musician across the U.S., Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia, and holds teaching positions at the School for Strings, NY, NY and Juilliard’s Music Advancement Program, serving as their first strings chair.  She is the co-founder of Aurista Chamber Music.  San San Lee holds a B.M. from the Oberlin College-Conseratory and M.M. from the Juilliard School under scholarships.

Juliet Duyster, Secretary/Treasurer
Juliet Duyster, MBA brings to The Engine Institute a strong background in financial and administrational management and communication abilities tested at the local, state and national levels. Ms. Duyster is the Financial Manager of the Institute for Computational & Experimental Mathematics at Brown University. Prior to this role she was the Program Manager of the NASA Rhode Island Space Grant Consortium, where she organized statewide symposia, coordinated and presented to NASA headquarters as well as represented the Consortium at conferences through out the state and with Rhode Island Congressmen.

Composer Consultant

Lance T. Massey
Lance T. Massey uses neuroscience to make music that affects moods and alters perceptions. As the composer of the memorable T-Mobile ringtone through his scientific approach he made it a piece that can be heard once yet remembered forever. Mr. Massey is the Co-founder of NeuroPop, Aural Therapy and The Limbic Group.

Associate Editor

Stephanie Jeanjean
Dr. Jeanjean is a specialist of contemporary French art, early French video and new media art and has translated and subtitled into English rare early French videos. Her publications include “Disobedient Video in the 1970’s: Video Production by Women’s Collectives” in “Feminism-Art-Theory,” Hilary Robinson ed., Wiley & Blackwell Editions, Oxford (UK) and a piece for “Exhibited Cinema an Anthology,” François Bovier and Adeena Mey eds. by ECAL and JRP-Ringier Editions, Lausanne and Zurich (Switzerland).

She is a regular lecturer, in the English and French languages, at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. Professor Jeanjean graduated from Bourgogne University, Dijon and received a Ph.D. from CUNY’s Graduate Center in New York. She has curated exhibitions on contemporary French artists and most recently an exhibition for A. A. Wallace Gallery at SUNY College, Old Westbury. She has also curated exhibitions for the Brecht Forum in Brooklyn and the Kitchen in New York. Dr. Jeanjean has presented French Art in numerous conferences worldwide, including Tate Britain, London (UK); KAIST University, Daejeon (South Korea), Brown and Cornell Universities, MIT, and CAA conferences in Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago (USA) among others.

Board of Advisors

Debora Bernagozzi and Jason Bernagozzi, Signal Culture, Owego, NY
Elsa Cameron, President & Chief Curator, Community Arts, San Francisco, CA
Mina Cheon, Artist, Seoul, Korea, Baltimore, MD & New York, NY
Jill Conner, Art Critic, Brooklyn, NY
Francois Geissmann, Professor & Director, International Exchange Program, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Artes, Dijon
Richard Humann, Artist, Brooklyn, NY
Brad Lisle, Foxfire Interactive, North Attleboro, MA
Lance Massey, Senior Front End Developer, MediaMath, NY, NY
Peter Schultz, Director, NE Planetary Data Center & NASA/RI University Space Grant Consortium, Professor, Brown University, Providence, RI